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Before Homosexuals: From Ancient Times to Victorian Crimes

4000 years of LGBT history in 90 minutes.  Spanning 2000BC through 1900AD, this film showcases art and artifacts that have only recently come to light or been discovered.  In addition to the expansive time span, the film also covers expansive geographies and cultures.   East Asia, South Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America are all covered, in addition to Europe and North America. 

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After Stonewall Trailer

After Stonewall: From the Riots to the Millenium

After Stonewall, the sequel to Before Stonewall, chronicles the history of lesbian and gay life from the riots at Stonewall to the end of the century. Narrated by Melissa Etheridge, it captures the hard work, struggles, tragic defeats and exciting victories experienced during this time, and it explores how AIDS dramatically changed the direction of the movement. 

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Dangerous Living Trailer

Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World

Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World is the first documentary to deeply explore the lives of gay and lesbian people in non-western cultures. Traveling to five different continents, we hear the heartbreaking and triumphant stories of gays and lesbians from Egypt, Honduras, Kenya, Thailand and elsewhere, where most occurrences of oppression receive no media coverage at all. 

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About Us

John Scagliotti


Director / Producer


In 1985 Scagliotti released Before Stonewall. After its national broadcast on PBS in December of 1986, the film went on to win two Emmy Awards as well as other honors including first place at FILMEX in Los Angeles. In 1991 Scagliotti created In the Life, the first television series on glbt life on Public Television. In 1997 Scagliotti began work on the sequel of Before Stonewall. After Stonewall chronicles the history of the lesbian and gay movement from the riots at Stonewall to the end of the 20th Century.

Christopher Dawes


Producer / Product Manager

A graduate of Colgate University, he is a certified Six Sigma Green Belt, and has spent most of his career working for two large financial institutions as a Product Manager while being a prolific filmmaker. He has produced over 30 mini-documentaries on a wide range of topics, edited 2 feature-length documentaries and numerous short narrative  films. He is a transformational leader with a strong digital background engaged in philanthropic endeavors and non-profit board leadership, with proficiency in product strategy, film production and process improvement.  

JoAnn Wypijewski


Senior Researcher / Narration Writer 

An independent writer and previous editor of The Nation magazine. She is the president of the board, program director and co-founder, of Kopkind, a summer residency and public education project for political journalists, activists and filmmakers.

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